• David Verhaag

The Gift of Time

I read a LinkedIn post this morning expressing gratitude for the “gift of time”. The company was closing down on Friday to give their team an extra day going into the long weekend. With all of the challenges in our world today, the stress and anxiety of health and unemployment, the unknowns of the economy, and with so many people adapting to working and educating from home, it is easy to understand the deep appreciation for an extra day off.

An extra day means time to check out, take a walk under blooming trees, attend a Zoom birthday party, or sit and ponder why the homemade bread isn’t rising. An extra day is a glorious gift of time.

We think a lot about the gift of time at Olifano. We built a workplace productivity solution designed to give employees back time. We do this by reducing the need to search for information at work. It may be just a few minutes of saving at a time but those minutes add up. A few minutes here, a few minutes there, and soon employees can find they have an extra day. Over the course of a year, saving just five minutes a day can give employees 2.5 days back! That is the gift of time.

Productivity isn’t always an exciting topic. I suspect that when most people think of productivity they think of manufacturing production floors, cubicle filled call centers, or maybe Dilbert and irrational ideas. Productivity is the pointy-haired Boss trying to squeeze every last ounce of labor out of employees. For many people, productivity may simply mean the burn of work. It is the payment for your time.

At Olifano, we think about productivity in positive terms. Productivity isn’t just burning through the to-do list, it is the automation of repetitive low-value tasks. It isn’t just cranking through a project task list but finding that flow state that enables you to do your best work efficiently. It isn’t just the pointy-haired Boss asking you to do to more with less. Productivity is everything you need to do your best work, delivered just in time and in the natural flow of work. Productivity isn’t just about what you can give. Productivity gives back. The gift of time.

To all of the companies giving employees the gift of time with an extra day off, our hats are off to you. To all of the organizations thinking beyond the holiday weekend and wondering how they can give employees the gift of time, let’s talk.

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