• David Verhaag

Keep One Eye Open

This time of year, our springer spaniel Mo is on high alert. She absolutely loves to go backcountry skiing with us. When she hears someone changing clothes, when she hears the sound of equipment being collected, or hears the door, she keeps one eye open, just in case. And when there is an opportunity to get some turns, she’s always good to go.

It’s inspiring to see a coworker with such a keen awareness of opportunity. In the post-holiday sluggishness, many of us would prefer to keep our eyes shut entirely. Just a little bit longer.

But the opportunity is out there. Not just the chance for a “new you.” The typical lose weight, drink less, read more, resolutions that will be forgotten in a week. The opportunity is out there for career growth.

LinkedIn highlights one type of career growth well. All of the promotions and “I’m excited to join…” announcements are great to see. They are especially reassuring coming off such a tough year.

It’s important to remember that many excellent career growth opportunities don’t come with a job change alert. These opportunities include taking on new projects, learning something new or building a new skill, or simply doubling your focus on being the best version of yourself at work.

Some of the best career advice I ever received was to “put yourself in the path of growth.” At the time, it meant passing on a new role at a new company. I was already in the path of growth. I just didn’t see it for what it was.

This time of year, with all of the job change alerts and “new you” messages, it’s important to remember that the opportunity is all around us. It just requires that you see it and to do that, keep one eye open.

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