• David Verhaag

Doing More. With Less.

In the best of times, you might do more with less because of rapid growth. You might hire and ramp sales faster than planned. You might support more customer onboarding than expected because sales crushed it. You might manage portfolios much larger than forecast because you can’t hire and onboard new employees fast enough. In the best of times, you find a way.

In the worst of times, you might do more because you have to. You might jump in to support another team when support call volume goes through the roof. You might find yourself joining critical customer escalations or save-the-deal negotiations. You might have to play multiple roles just to fill gaps. In the worst of times, you find a way.

In these times, many of us are being asked to do more, with less. Here are five ways you can manage through the moment to deliver.

Prioritize. Relentlessly.

When you are being asked to do more with less it’s essential to understand what’s a priority and what can wait. Addressing critical customer support requests, likely essential. Supporting the next draft of the pet-friendly office policy, maybe less so. It can be hard to pick and choose but choose you must. Fluffy will wait. Relentlessly prioritizing where you commit your time and what you work on will help you do more with less.


In order to keep the plates spinning through a crisis, you need focus. If job number one is to simply keep the plates spinning you can’t allow yourself to be distracted by the fact that one of them is chipped and another still covered in last week’s spaghetti. Doing more with less means focusing on the task at hand. Failing to focus and trying to do it all at once is going to leave you with broken plates.

Ask for Help.

It’s counterintuitive to ask for help when you are challenged to do more with less. Simply asking for more resources probably isn’t going to win you any fans in Finance. Asking for help prioritizing or asking for help focusing might not either but who likes Finance anyways. One of Sales golden rules is “never lose a deal alone.” The same is true for doing more with less in a crisis. Don’t burden yourself with solving it alone, ask for help. Ask what matters most and then ask for help to focus on solving it.

Done > Perfect.

To do more with less sometimes you need to be okay with delivering less than perfect. It can be a slippery slope to letting bad decisions go unchecked but if you have the right priorities identified and are focusing on delivering points not yardage, go ahead and ship it. You can go back and fix the font or adjust the shading later.

Action not Drama.

It is often when we most need the cards to fall in our favor that the curtain goes up on drama. Crisis doesn’t always bring out the best in us. Doing more with less requires that you put a drama filter in place. Yes, people matter. Yes, feelings matter. But no, you can’t play internal politics when the chips are down and Doc Holliday just dropped his gun on the table. Sometimes, you just need to focus on playing your best hand.

Doing more with less is rarely fun. By following a couple of simple ideas you can manage through the moment and come out on the other side successfully.

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