• David Verhaag

Distracti... oh hey what's that!?

Tis the season. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday baking, holiday travel. It’s the usual season of distractions.

We don’t really need a season for distraction this year though do we? Many of us are overwhelmed with distraction. The Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn... there are so many easy distractions just a click away. And the news! So. Much. News! When “doomscrolling” is a thing you know we are in a distraction death spiral.

It’s all just one click away. All that.

We all know better than to have our phone at our side when we work. Those tantalizing alerts. Those seductive little red “hey come see what’s happening here” icons. The impulsive “I can check real quick” or “I need to see if someone texted me”. We know better and many of us (cough) try to turn it off or simply turn it over.

But what about our work desktop? What about the place that should be all work all the time. More distractions.

How many tabs do you have open right now? The average number is about YIKES.

With the best of intentions, we open a new tab to search for some information and BOOM! “450+ Cyber Monday sales you can shop right now”. Well… I don’t want to lose money. With a deadline fast approaching we are heads down, we open a new tab to grab a related Google doc and POW! “NFL Week 12 and reasons to worry about Tom Brady”. WHAT, not Tom! I’d better check and see if he’s okay.

It’s all just one innocent click away. In a season of distraction, in a year of distraction, we don’t need the temptation.

We built Olifano to help employees do their best work by putting the information they need into their flow of work. No new tabs. No searching. Just the information you need when you need it. Distraction-free. You can still open a tab to see if Kaley Cuoco is really related to William Shatner, but it won’t be a distraction that pops up and keeps you from delivering your TPS report on time.

The kids, the pets, the cookies. Well, some distractions are okay. It is the holidays after all.

Let us know if you would like to learn more about how Olifano can help you focus on doing your best work.

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