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Put Your Knowledge to Work

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Highlighted Insights

Olifano scans your text and when it spots a keyword it highlights it to show you relevant content is available

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Stay Focused

Relevant content pops up in a side panel helping you stay focused and doing your best work.

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Double Click Search

A simple double-click triggers Olifano to search your favorite sources of information and learning content.

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Integrated Content

Olifano connects to the websites and knowledge management software you use every day via API.

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Search History

Quickly search your browsing history and files for relevant content without losing your focus.

Easy to Connect

Olifano is a Chrome extension connecting content where it’s already stored.

No data migration.

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Employees are overwhelmed. 

There is simply too much information in too many places at work. 

Olifano integrates your existing content and expertise to make it simple for employees to find the information they need and put that knowledge to work.

Leverage Your Team's Expertise

The average employee spends as much as 20% of their week searching for information to do their jobs and 3% recreating content that already exists because the current version couldn’t be found. 

Why go through all the effort of creating and updating content if your teams don't use it?

Olifano helps your employees work more efficiently without the need to have another distracting browser tab open, another place to go for information, and another search bar they won't use.

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