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Olifano makes it easy to create and share bite-size learning content with employees.


Create in minutes and share automatically just-in-time and where employees really need it. 

Olifano Brings Learning To Work


Learning Content That Works

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Content that Pops!

Olifano scans text as employees write and using the power of natural language processing creates popups with your learning content when your employees need it most. 

Bite-size Content in Minutes

Create and share dynamic bite-size content in just minutes. Leverage the pop of GIFs, emojis, and more to create engaging and fun learning content.

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Stay Focused

Employees already have too many sources of information. Olifano creates dynamic hover over popups with your learning content to help employees learn on the fly while staying focused. 


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Learning That POPS!

The average employee spends as much as 20% of their week searching for information to do their jobs.

That's just crazy.

Your employees want the opportunity to learn.
They just aren't going to search for it. 

Olifano brings learning to work. No need for another distracting browser tab, another place to go for information, or another search bar.

Your best content. Where employees actually need it. 


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